6 ago. 2011

7 little secrets

El otro día estabamos visitando uno de los blogs a los que somos asiduas, CHOCANDCINNAMON, cuando nos encontramos con una pequeña sorpresa: para Míriam, la responsable de este blog, somos unas de las bloggers más estilosas, o almenos eso es lo que quiere decir el premio que nos ha dado "Stylish Blogger Award". Nos ha hecho muchísima ilusión! Mil gracias Míriam!

El premio consiste además en explicar 7 pequeñas cosas sobre nosotras, para que nos conozcáis mejor. Así que allí va!

The other day we were visiting a blog that we follow, CHOCANDCINNAMON and we had this amazing surprise: Miriam, the responsible of this blog, gave us the "Stylish Blogger Award". It makes us very happy!! THANKS!!

The award consists on telling you 7 little secrets about us. So here it goes.

1. I love travelling! I would like to visit all the cities of the world. In fact, I'm studying Tourism and I have another blog that is about travelling.

2. I love the hotels and I'm always searching new ones to put in a list. I wish I could go and stay in some (or all) of them :)

3. One of my hobbies is reading. I'm very romantic so one of my favorite writers is Jane Austin.
4. I would like to, in a future, have my own hotel and, moreover, dedicate myself to the events part.

5. I love photography and everything related on it: This year I bought a Nikon D3000 and it makes fabulous pictures.

6. I would like to live in London, at least for some time. It's my favorite city in the world. It's amazing!

7. I LOVE Sushi!!

1. I'm studying Business administration but I would like to work in a fashion company.

2. I love cupcakes, sweets, brownies, chocolate... I'm like a kid!!

3. Like my sister does, I love reading romantic nobels and Jane Austin is one of my favorite writers. Nowadays I'm reading "1Q84" (Haruki Murakami): I recommend it! It's rare but, in my opinion, a very good book.

4. I think that I've always loved fashion. In fact, I have a book where I paste fashion people, streetstyle, items of magazines that I like, some looks of some bloggers...

5. I've discovered twitter less than 2 months ago and I'm right now nearly addicted!

6. I love spending my holidays in my town: it isn't very cheerful, but I've been spending my holidays there since I was a kid and I have a lot of family there, so it's very important for me :)

7. I LOVE Pretty Ballerinas! I think that it is my favorite shoe brand: It's comfortable and chic in the same time. I really have a collection! In September my sister and I will show you our "Pretty Ballerinas Collection" in a post :)

Esperamos que os haya gustado y que nos hayáis podido conocer un poco mejor. Todo está en Inglés porque la verdad es que es un poco cansado ir poniendo en ambos idiomas las 7 cositas que os queríamos explicar de cada una.

Esperamos que paséis un feliz fin de semana!!
Pronto, nuevos looks, prometido!!:)

We hope that you like it and that you could know a little more about us.
Have a nice weekend!!
New looks will arrive soon, promise!!:)

Juliet- and eLi

4 comentarios

  1. Enhorabuena por el premio chicas!

    Eli me ha encantado tu punto 1, porque yo estoy en tu misma situacion, estudié Empresariales y me encantaría acabar trabajando en una empresa de moda. Es mi sueño!!

    Un beso enorme a las dos!!

  2. Enhorabuena!!! A mi tambien me encante viajar y comer sushi y cupcakes mmm...Besos chicas! ❤

  3. hola!! en mi entrada anterior me preguntaste si el bolso de oysho era de la nueva temporada... Sí! asi que no tendrás problema en encontrarlo =)

  4. hola guapa
    felicidades por tu premio!
    muchos besos