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Fen Zhang: "How to increase workplace happiness"
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The movie "The Pursuit of Happyness", the Chris ? Gardner experienced impoverished and difficult competition, finally get a salary of $ 800,000 stockbroker job, "this stage of my life, this very short stage, is happiness. "He described the mood so.

For the survey, affect employee well-being in the workplace there are three main factors: the company's atmosphere, the direct leadership, rewards and penalties.

Workplace happiness brought remuneration for how long? We do not know. It is undeniable that the company as an important means of attracting talent, the natural person is an important factor in the company's influence in the workplace happiness. However, recent surveys indicate that, for most companies the people, so that they maintain the most important factor "happy" working condition but not the money - benefits and bonus rewards in the survey came in third of all factors and fourth, the company atmosphere and the content of the work of the first two factors are the biggest influence on the company people professional happiness.

Specifically, the 20-30 year-old company pay more attention to the company atmosphere - personal values and corporate culture is consistent, this group is for me to grow and so on. 30-40-year-olds are more valued job content, more concerned about what you are doing projects, project size, what career accomplishment gained from this project yourself, this project for personal career development, etc. Is there a role.

Professional happiness also depends on the individual, you are strong or aggressive type of person? How do you ability to withstand stress? How is your ability to work? And so on are likely to affect your morale.

Once you have the opportunity to interview or visit the company, some of the details can help you determine the company's company atmosphere. For example, how the staff's attitude towards the interview? Exchange between employees is positive? How superior attitude to subordinate company? How the work of the whole team atmosphere? If employees have the opportunity to communicate, to better help you judge for yourself whether the company can adapt to the future atmosphere.

In a company, and employees work most closely is the direct leadership of the direct leadership will affect the role of work content and work team development for all, if the direct leadership focus on your personal development, and that the future of your company It would be helpful.

General Ideally, the company encourages all sectors of teamwork, encourage everyone to contribute their ability to express different suggestions and comments, but they know how to minister counseling subordinates. And understand the subordinate needs at different stages of development. This team of employees are more likely to feel happy, but also easier to get a sense of accomplishment in their work.

I work with is proportional obtained? This is a question many people are concerned about the company, but also often lead companies who complained about the reasons for the company, in fact, these issues if they can just contact with the company to advance understanding, job seekers may be able to better weigh their options.

Companies who think "was" mainly from two aspects, one salary, the second is the promotion, each corresponding to the establishment of the company's remuneration reward system and staff development mechanism.

In general, people who have not yet entered the company, the largest source of information who is HR, because this sector is committed to the communication with staff, focus on staff development and setting remuneration system tasks.

Once when an advertising company in Shenzhen, their HR will communicate regularly with each employee in order to understand employees' career development planning, "the staff make it clear what I want and what I can do to make it their career the pursuit of a more clear idea.

Industry remuneration report published third party can help a company who understand the industry in which the average salary jobs - the so-called "market price", which combined with the company's position in the industry, can probably give the judge the company Salary job set up is reasonable. In the long process of development, the company's incentive and reward system is worthy of concern and attention.

Give yourself a goal customization, take tomorrow and today, they are better than their own. As long as he has been in progress toward their goal. Our work may not be fun, lack of challenge; considerable remuneration may not be fair; may not agree with your boss and colleagues. Our work environment possible lack of humanity ...... but just personally, we should also make a point of trying to change so that they experience in their work to more happiness.

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