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      Xuzhou Hongda Civil Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. is located next door to the school after the air Ring Road, covers an area of 10,000 square meters, which detect and office space area of 3050 square meters, the project quality inspection agency has an independent legal personality, with an independent third party qualified to assume the fairness test.
      I company in December 1995 through the Provincial Technical Supervision measurement certification, in July 1999 is eligible for the qualification "municipal Yiji" project quality inspection agency; December 2004, by the China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment Certificate; in March 2007, the Provincial Construction Department, Provincial Construction Authority approved the re-qualification, with the witness sample testing; the main structure, steel, energy efficient building three special testing and eight (indoor environment, municipal engineering, construction and hydropower, wall materials, decorative surface materials, waterproof materials, doors, windows, chemical analysis) record type testing qualification; January 2012 is eligible for special qualifications pile testing. Currently measurement certification, national laboratory accreditation and accreditation testing project involves 88 categories of products 679 parameters. Detection capabilities ranging from municipal, construction, roads, railways, electricity, water, metro and light rail, bridges, tunnels engineering.
      My company in 2005 for four consecutive years by the provincial Department of Construction, "Jiangsu Provincial Construction Engineering Quality Inspection advanced institutions"; from 2007 to 2011 for five consecutive years was named the Provincial Department of Construction "Jiangsu construction quality inspection agency credit rating of A level units "for the Xuzhou detection means only a" five consecutive years, "the unit, and topped the" commitment of government investment and major and important project quality inspection agency recommended list "; in June 2007 was named the provincial Provincial Department of Construction "Youth Civilization."

      The company is committed to "quality first, customers first" as its purpose to ensure that testing work, "scientific, fair, honest and efficient."